Saturday, January 9, 2010

Ron Stone Tribute - December 22, 2009

Rick Kern and Dalton Powell getting
his drum kit set up for the musical
tribute to Ron
Top L-R Glenn Leffler, Ricky Sierra
Eric Cooksey, Nando Gallardo, John
Allan, Raul "Rocket" Willis
Lower L-R Bob Banta, Rick Kern, Paul
Quattlebaum, Ed Clore
Connie Trumbo and Rick Kern
Connie had been writing/collaberating
music with Ron - and was supposed to
be in the studio with him during the
Christmas holidays while he was to be
in El Paso. The morning Ron had the
stroke was the same morning he was
packing and was to be leaving for El Paso.
L-R Paul Quattlebaum, Rick Kern and
Barry Martin

L-R Paul Quattlebaum, Jay Nye and
Rick Kern

Shannon Stone bringing the sandwiches
and goodies

L-R Barry Martin and Bill Welch

Rod Crosby - a shining star

Jack Woodberry

Doug Neal

Andre Bonaguidi

David Rutledge

Doug Neal, Jack Woodberry, Rod Crosby

Danny Lucas McDaniel and Nicole Kern
Sharon Kern, Danny Lucas McDaniel
and Nicole Kern

Paul Quattlebaum, Jack Woodberry
and Raul 'Rocket' Willis - Proud Mary
at Retro speed
Dalton Powell watching Rocket on
Proud Mary

Two old friends reunited - Camille Benitez
and Nicole Kern

Danny Joe McDaniel and David Rutledge

Rick Kern and Ricky Sierra
It's been 37 years since we played together.
Ricky was an usher at our wedding.
He is presently a senior audio editor
for CNN. Man, this was a real surprise!
Rod has been playing this Rickenbacker
steel since he was six years old.
We were so blown away with Sleep Walk
that night that my son asked if he could
video tape him in HD at his rehearsal
studio a few days later. It will soon be
available to view here and on YouTube.
Submitted by Rick Kern
Rod Crosby surprised us all with
his rendition of Sleep Walk.
It was really great!
Donna Pence and Nicole Kern

Danny Lucas McDaniel can still play!
Did you know that he played with Buddy
Holly in 1959?
L-R Don Mehl, Dalton Powell, Doug Neal,
Jack Woodberry, David Rutledge and Rod
Jack Woodberry

Rick Kern

Doug Neal, Jack Woodberry, Rod Crosby

Rod Crosby

Jack, Rod and Paul Quattlebaum

Wes Gunderson

Wes Gunderson

David Rutledge

Danny Lucas McDaniel and Doug Neal

Doug, Jack and Rod

Dalton Powell

Rick Kern

Gary Leeah

Glen Leffler and Jimmy Leeah

Glen Leffler

Jim and Glen

Don Mehl